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All you need to embark mining is a ship (like the rookie ship you commence with), a mining laser (you begin out with a Civilian Miner), and some skill ter mining.

The basic equipment significant to mining (at the beginning of the spel) are:

Mining lasers samenvatting ore from asteroids. They are fitted te high slots. Different lasers samenvatting ore at different speeds, and sometimes you will need special lasers to samenvatting certain ores. To start mining, get te range [usually within 10km for commencing lasers], target an asteroid, and then activate your laser. It will then begin to samenvatting the ore from the asteroid, putting it ter your cargo hold.

Cargo expanders are used to create more space ter your ship’s cargo hold. This lets you gezond more ore te your ship so that you don’t have to travel back and forward inbetween your base and your asteroids spil often. They are fitted ter the low slots of your ship. There is a stationary speed penalty associated with using cargo expanders, but te most circumstances this still is deemed worthwhile.

Survey scanners are useful for farming asteroids. They can tell you how much ore remains ter an asteroid, permitting you to turn off your lasers before the asteroid is demolished. This isn’t terribly significant if you’re a fresh player, but if you’re attempting to maximize efficiency, turning off your lasers te time can end you up with a loterijlot more ore ter less time.

Your beginning equipment Edit

Which ship you very first mine te depends on which Career Juut you begin with after leaving Aura’s orientation. Both the Industry and Business agents will give you the Venture mining frigate and the Mining Frigate skill book you need to train to fly it by the end of the 2nd mission.

The Industry Smeris

If you commence with the Industry tuut you will make a few trips to mine te your Rookie ship (Impairor for Amarr, Ibis for Caldari, Velator for Gallente and Reaper for Minmatar). Thesis ships are all very similar. The Velator has a little more cargo slagroom, the Reaper is a little swifter, the Ibis the most CPU and the Impairor a little more power. You only need use it for a duo missions, but you will learn a little about fitting.

For lasers, it is recommended you commence out with Miner I. They are much quicker than the Civilian Mining Laser you are very first given with your rookie ship. You will only be able to getraind one on your rookie ship due to thresholds of its CPU, but this is all you need to finish the very first two missions. If you do not turn ter your mission instantaneously, you can make more trips to mine the mission asteroid to earn reserve ISK. Spil soon spil you turn te the mission it will vanish.

You will have no trouble fitting Expanded Cargohold I ter both low slots. You will need to train the Hull Upgrade skill 1 level te order to use them. Before you buy anything, make sure you have the required abilities to equip it on your ship. Click the blue circle next to any voorwerp for information (or right-click and choose Information from the contextual spijskaart). The Prerequisites tabulator will list all the skill needed to use a module. Abilities you have will vertoning a green checkmark next to them. A yellow circle means you have commenced training the skill, but not yet reached the necessary level. A crimson X means you do not have that skill yet and need to buy it to train.

The 2nd Industry mission gives you the Mining Frigate skill for accepting the mission – and the Venture frigate for completing it. Before you do anything else, waterput that skill at the pui of your training qeue. That way you will be able to use the ship spil soon spil you finish the mission This mission also tells you the basics of refining.

The Business Tuut

The very first mission has you wegtransport some Gegevens Sheets to a station ter another system. The prize for completing it is the Mining Frigate skill book. Again, instantaneously waterput the skill at the gevelbreedte of your training qeue. The 2nd mission introduces Salvaging and gives the Venture frigate spil a prize.

The Venture Mining Frigate Edit

Early ter the history of EVE, each wedstrijd had its own frigate with bonuses for mining. Now the ORE Company’s Venture fills that role.

Mining Frigate skill premie vanaf level:

5% premie to mining yield

5% reduction to gas cloud harvesting duration vanaf level

100% verzekeringspremie to mining yield and gas cloud harvesting

+Two warp core strength

Five,000 m3 ore bay (ore feeds directly here from your mining lasers)

Ten m3 drone bay (to carry combat or mining drones)

You will want to embark training drone abilities if you have any rente ter pursuing a mining career further. Drones are a miner’s friend — whether it is to use Mining Drones for a little toegevoegd yield or Combat Drones to fight off NPC pirates (since you don’t have guns) that voorstelling up ter belts below 0.9 security level. Your base control range for drones is 20 kilometers. This can be enlargened with certain abilities and modules.

  1. Train Drones to at least level Two. Each level permits you to use one more drone to a maximum of five. The Venture’s Ten m3 drone bay can hold two Mining Drones or two Light Combat Drones.
  2. Train Mining Drone Operations. Each level will add 5% yield to any mining drones you use.
  3. Train Scout Drone Operations. Each level adds Five,000 meters to your drone control range.

A typical Venture fitting includes:

  • Two mining lasers ter the two turret High slots. You should have Two Miner I. You will want to consider getting a better specimen to increase your yield (how much ore you mine te each 1-minute cycle). Click on the Information verbinding for your Miner I and go to the Variations tabulator. This will showcase a list of all variations of a Mining Laser. At the bottom is the Compare button. This will let you create a table displaying different features of the modules – CPU and power used, yield, mining range.
  • The third high slot is what is called a utility slot. This can hold modules like a Salvager or Trekker Plank that require a high slot but not a turret or launcher hardpoint.
  • The three mid-slots can hold a Survey Scanner (shows a tabbed list of all asteroids te its range by type and how much ore is ter each rock), Afterburner (to let you stir around the asteroid stortplaats quicker), a shield module for defense from NPC rats (Shield Booster, Shield Extender, hardeners, amplifiers).
  • The single low slot commonly holds a Mining Laser Upgrade I or II. You need to train the Mining Upgrade skill to getraind thesis on your ship. An alternative is a Harm Contol Unit.

Zometeen on te the spel, you’ll need different equipment, ships, et cetera. If you’re ter a corporation, it’s best to ask them for recommendations. Else you can always join the Help Channel.

Equipping modules and mining Edit

Before you can commence mining, you voorwaarde equip your lasers, cargo expanders, et cetera. Very first, open the station fitting window. Most, but not all, stations have a fitting service.

Te the station fitting service, you can see all the slots that are ter your ship. You have high slots for turrets (which include mining lasers and guns), missile hardpoints and utility slots. You have mid slots, for equipment like scanners, Afterburners and shield upgrades. Ultimately, you have low slots, for things like cargo expanders, mining upgrades or armor upgrades. It is best to pack spil many of your slots with modules spil possible, provided you meet the CPU, power grid and skill requirements, however ter the beginning this is usually not necessairy.

Right-click the module you want to getraind to a slot and choose ‘getraind to active ship’, or just click and haul the module you want to equip to its adequate slot. Most modules require you to have at least a certain level of a particular skill, like mining or electronics, to equip them. You can see what abilities you need by looking at the voorwerp properties and the Prerequisites tabulator. To take out a module to open up a slot, left-click on the module and haul it to your cargo hold or hangar space or hover the mouse overheen the module then stir down the list of options and click the arrow.

Once you’ve tooled all your modules, you can go mine. Close the fitting window and undock from the station.

Once you are outside the station you need to tell your ship laptop where you want to go. You do this simply by right-clicking ter empty space so you get the setting menukaart. From there, go to ‘asteroid belts’ and pick one of the belts te the list. Choose “warp to location” to make your ship warp to that location. You will uitgang warp out ter the center, about 20km from the actual asteroids.

Once there, choose an asteroid to mine, right-click it and choose ‘lock target’. When your target is locked you will be confirmed by an icon photo appearing te the top right section of your screen.

If you are outside of range, just right-click it and choose ‘treatment’. Once you’ve reached the mining laser range of an asteroid, right-click your ship and choose ‘zekering my ship’ or click on the minus sign at the left side of your speed indicator.

Next, activate your mining lasers, you do this by clicking on them. They are te the bottom center of the screen. Another way of activating them is to click the suitable function key. Hover your moise overheen the module symbol and it will tell you which key activates it (usually F1 and/or F2). Once your lasers are activated their pics will blink green. You’re now extracting ore from the asteroid, and you should see how the mining lasers shoot at the targeted asteroid. The laser(s) will take 1 minute to cycle, at the end of this time the ore you collect will be placed ter your cargo hold. Once your hold is utter of ore, your mining lasers will automatically zekering, and you should then go to the nearest station to druppel off your ore. Once you’re docked just open your ship’s cargo again, left click the ore ter your cargo bay and haul it to your voorwerp (individual) hangar and let go. Now undock and begin mining again. When you are done mining you can either refine or sell the ore.

Cargo Edit

There are two ways to overeenkomst with the ore you mine. The very first and easiest way is to just haul the ore to the nearest station yourself. However, there is a much more efficient way to vrachtvervoer ore. It is known spil jetcan mining.

You can’t jetcan mine unless you have an industrial ship and the abilities to fly it, or you find someone with an industrial ship who is willing to help you. You will need to warp back to your station and druppel the ore off there.

To jetcan mine, mine spil usual, only once your cargo bay is near utter of ore right click your ore and choose ‘jettison’. This will launch your ore into space inwards a cargo container. This cargo container has a life span of approximately Two hours. The beauty of this cargo container is that is can hold up to 27,500m Three , which is a entire lotsbestemming of ore.

So once you’ve jettisoned your ore, find the container that is floating ter space next to your ship. Right click it and choose open cargo. Now place that window right next to your ships cargo bay window.

You can now take the ore that the mining lasers extracted into your cargo bay and budge it to the floating cargo container so your cargo bay doesn’t pack up. Just left click the ore te your cargo bay, hold down, haul it to the floating cargo container and let go. You will see how the ore gets transferred into the floating cargo container.

If you are mining with the help of someone with an industrial ship (henceforth called a “hauler”), the hauler will take the ore straight from the container and waterput it into their hold, being sure to always leave somthing ter the container to keep it from dissapearing. Usually you should just separate the ore into two piles, by holding shift and dragging the stack of ore to the side, then putting 1 ter the stack size field. This will give you a separate stack of 1 ore, which you will leave ter the container until you’re done mining. Make sure that you don’t druppel your harvested ore onto the stack of 1, or you’ll have to separate it again. Alternatively you can place some other voorwerp ter the container, like a single round of ammo. Once the hauler has no more cargo space, he or she goes to the nearest station and drops of the ore. When everyone is done mining, the hauler sells the ore and divides up the profits inbetween himself and the miners. Make sure you agree on how to divide up the metselspecie before you begin mining.

This proccess involves at least one miner and one hauler, but you can actually have spil many miners and haulers spil you want. Usually it’s best to have one hauler and spil many miners spil you can get together, all pulling down into the same container.

If you are jetcan mining by yourself, just keep on mining until you have packed your floating cargo container. Right click the container and “Save Location Spil” , give it a name and save it ter Private Locations. This gives you a bookmark. Then go and dock with your mining ship, leap te to your industrial ship, warp back to the cargo container and take the ore te it and vervoer it back to your station.

Take into mind that there is a risk, however, to this method. Once you jettison your ore into space, other people are also able to take from that container. You will notice a “can flipper” spil they are called, when they turn crimson while flying next to one of your container, which very likely means they stole ore from it. Can flippers can also be spotted when he warps into your stortplaats and starts flying towards your container. Once crimson, you are permitted to shoot at them. However this is often what they want, since once you shoot at them, they are permitted to shoot back at you without, the Empire police, CONCORD, coming after them. More often than not they have either friends or a thicker ship nearby ter which they intend to kill or ransom you. The best advice to be given to fresh players when encountered with can flippers, is to turn the other cheek and disregard them, and definately not shoot at them. ( not kidding they will kill you)

Naming the Cargo Container (CC) Edit

A side note there, spil you can see when right clicking your jettison cargo container that is floating te space you can also name it. This is a useful feature, you can name your cargo container so that you can see how long it’s bot te space, making it lighter for you to keep see of the life span time limit.

Also, naming it a certain way will make it lighter for the one hauling the ore to see which one to grab from ones the come out of warp. Ter Intermundia wij use a special way to name our jettison cargo containers, especially at corp. mining operations.

1. Alfabet 23:34 Two. Alfabet 23:55 And so forward.

Number = 1, Two, Trio, and so forward. This is to make it effortless to Rapid find what containers is the very first one or the latest one.

Alfabet = our corporation ticker symbol. You might have others mining ter the same vuilnisbelt, this part of the tag separates your containers. It also lets people coming ter to the same belts spil you know this is not an abandoned container.

Time = this is so you can keep track of how old the container is, use the time from the eve clock te spel. That is GMT, don’t use your own local time or any other time since you might be mining with people that aren’t te the same time zone spil you.

Hauling Edit

The industrial ship has a much larger cargo bay than the regular ships, so it can take a loterijlot more ore each time it goes to the station. Many people choose to specialize ter hauling, buying an industrial ship and packing it with cargo expanders and the like, and then suggesting hauling services to miners (for a part of the profit, of course). This is a very good way to make money, because the abilities and equipment used ter hauling is very different than those used ter mining.

When hauling, recall that there are a few drawbacks to using a jettison container to mine ter.

It has a limited life span, when it has bot te space for 1.Five hours you have to begin to haul (vrachtvervoer) your ore to the station or budge it to newer container. If you leave a jettison container too long te space it will implode and all items and ore te it will be ruined. And no, the life span doesn’t get any longer because you keep on putting ore ter to it. The life span cycle starts from when you jettison it into space.

Anyone can take from a jettison container. There are people that like to take ore from other people. Anyone can come to your jettison container and take ore from it, and people who do are called ore thieves. There is nothing you can do about it, if you choose to use this method to mine you are also permitting other people to take from you. The best defence against ore thieves is to take the ore straight into your cargo hold spil soon spil it it is waterput into the container.

If you’re above 0.Four security system and mining and some one takes ore from you, you may shoot them down and their spoed/corp will be incapable to help them. Keep te mind they are then permitted to shoot back! And, once they have the right to shoot you, they also have the option to go back to the local station, where they have a battleship docked, switch into that, suck your ship up, and then salvage the wreck, and take your ore. The only thing they aren’t permitted to do, without losing their ship, is demolish your pod.

The best thing to do when some one takes ore from you is to warp back to your station, switch to your industrial ship and go back to pick up any ore that might be left. Also tell on the ore thief ter local talk window. Type something like, “name” is an ore thief, see out he just stole ore from mij.

At least you may have prevented the ore thief from taking any ore from some one else, and this may also make the ore thief budge to another system since there might be no business for him te the system you are te.

Pirates Edit

Pirates are the bane of all miners. Pirates are pilots both NPC and PC who will attempt to ruin your ship and/or steal your ore.

NPC pirates – commonly referred to spil ‘rats’ – vertoning up te the belts of any system with a security level lower than 0.9. The lower the security rating, the fatter the risk of a pirate attack, and the stronger the pirates are likely to be. The Venture and all of the mining barges and exhumers have a drone bay. The Venture’s bay is Ten m3 and can hold two light combat drones that should be able to treat NPC rats te .8 space (and can work down to .Five space – however numerous rats te the lower security systems may force you to warp away). The mining barges and exhumers all have at least 25 m3 of drone bay. To use drones, you need to train the Drones skill. Each level of that skill will permit you to use one more drone up to a maximum of five. Other skill such spil Combat Drone Operations and Scout Drone Operations will increase the effectiveness of your drones. Also train the Targeting skill to let you target more ships or asteroids up to the ship’s maximum.

PC pirates can be anywhere and come ter a few different forms.

  1. Can flippers have already bot mentioned. They take ore from your jet-can into their cargo hold. Or they will create a jet can of their own and stir the ore from your can into theirs. Either act will cause them to be flagged to you or your PLAYER corporation. The general motive behind such an act is to incite you or your corp-mates to either attack them or “take your ore back”. Taking wither act will cause you to be flagged to them, providing them the right to shoot at you without Concorde intervention. The can flipper and any of his friends are likely getraind for combat waiting for a response. This is all used ter the attempt to cause your death, loss of ship, and sometimes ore. A good way to defend against such an attack is to employ a “corp-mate” form your player corporation to stand guard or to entirely overlook the act. However the latter causes a loss te ore mined while you are still alive, this is only done ter .Five and above spil te .Four and below they’ll just shoot you without warning.
  2. Outright ore thieves. Thesis are people who primarily act like the can flippers — stealing ore from your jet can — but don’t stick around for the reaction. Instead they fly away to a station to wait out the suspect flag. One version of this has the thief flying an Industrial ship. He lines up your jet can with a station te the system. Then he flies toward the station, coming past your can. When he is ter range (<, Two,500 meters) he opens your can and scoops spil much ore spil he can getraind into his cargo hold then warps to the station.
  3. Their are groups that like to bump miners out of range of asteroids. Their main target is the part of the miner population that mine all or partially AFK (away from the keyboard). If the miner is moved out of range of the asteroid(s) he is mining before the Miner’s cycle is finish he gets no ore.
  4. Some also attempt to extort a “permit” toverfee out of miners not to be bothered, for protection from those selling the permit. Visit this webpagina for more information: Miner Bumping A note – someone who bumps miners may not be a member of this or affiliated groups. They may just be “having joy”.
  5. Suicide gankers. Thesis are pilots te high DPS or “alpha” ships that project attacks on mining and industrial ships for profit (however the practice is also part of the program of the “miner bumpers” above). They are referred to spil suicide gankers since Concorde will react to any unjustified attack te high security space and demolish the ganker’s ship. This response may not toebijten until after they have gargled up your ship, however.

How to guard against pirates.

Be waakzaam, see local talk or ask corporation members for warnings about particular pilots or corporations that actively look for miners. Learn how to set up the Overview to vertoning only unknown, suspect and criminal ships ter scan range and use D-scan to see past the local grid/stortplaats. Create contacts for any known gankers and/or their corporations with bad status and make sure to click the opbergruimte putting them on your observe list. Use bookmarks (see below) to budge ter and out of the stortplaats. Stay aligned to your huis station while mining, realign after moving. Waterput some kleintje of waterreservoir on your ship. Alter your habits periodically — which systems and belts you mine, how you mine. Give your ship a name (‘Alfred’ instead of ‘John Smith’s Venture’). Use Dotlan to find quiet systems (ones with few kills and hops into/out of the system) to mine ter.

If there is a risk of pirate attack where you are mining, you may want to employ a fighter pilot (or several fighter pilots, if it’s a bad system) to protect you and your mining group. If, by chance, you are mining without a bodyguard and you are attacked by pirates, you should instantly warp to a station. It usually doesn’t matter which station, just warp to the very first one you see. Some pirates have warp disruptors, which will prevent you from warping out. Te that case, it’s pretty much kill or be killed. Also note that even when you do have a bodyguard, many pirates will attack the weakest ships very first, which usually means the miners. So, you may have to temporarily warp out anyway while your bodyguard ruins the pirate ships. Once the ships are gone, you should resume mining spil normal.

How to speed up your mining Edit

Improve your mining abilities, train them to higher levels to make you quicker at mining. Thesis are the abilities that are valid mining abilities.

  • Mining (+5% yield vanaf level plus level Four lets you use mining laser Two, this will speed things up,)
  • Mining Frigate skill (+5% yield vanaf level also -5% gas cloud harvesting duration vanaf level)
  • Astrogeology (+5% yield vanaf level, needs mining level Four and science level Four)
  • Industrial ship (the more you train your industrial ship skill, the more cargo space you get – use for hauling)
  • Drones (the more drones you can use, the swifter the mining will go with those drones)
  • Drone Interface (causes drones’ yield to increase substantially)
  • Mining Drone operation (will make your mining drones yield more ore when mining and permits the use of better mining drones)
  • Reminisce: when mining using drones, stay spil close to the drones spil possible, spil that way they don’t waste valuable time taking the ore back to your ship.

Having thesis abilities at top notch will make you a quicker miner, which ter terugwedstrijd will make you earn more money quicker. Also getting ter to better ships which have more slots for mining lasers will speed up things for you.

Teaming up, be Two or more mining together. This means that one can haul and the others mine speeding up things.

Also, you might want to train for Mining Upgrades skill to be able to getraind a Mining Laser Upgrade module (one for regular mining and one for ice mining). Those modules increase your mining yield at the slight expense of enhanced CPU usage by your lasers (10%).

A recently added skill, “Mining Foreman” listed under Leadership abilities, adds a +2% mining verzekeringspremie vanaf level spil long spil you are ter a tempo that has bot converted to fleet and you are the assigned booster. You can also train the the Leadership skill to form fleets and act spil booster.

A general progression for ships for the would-be miner is spil goes after:

1. Any racial frigate – even the Rookie Frigates can be the very first ship used. Abilities Required: Frigate I

Two. Venture Mining Frigate

Trio. For haulage: Industrial ship for your Empire (Sigil, Badger Mk I, Iteron, Wreathe) Abilities Required: Industrial I

The best of the industrial ships is ter the Minmatar line, (Wreathe, Hoarder, Mammoth) At around 800,000 ISK, the Mammoth is fairly cheap, and carries the 2nd largest amount of Ore of the industrials. The tech 1 industrial with the most space is the Iteron V. It could be usefull to equip a hauler with a Trekker Rafter — especially ter a Fleet mining situation — spil the pilot can use the trekker Rafter to haul ter cargo containers within 19km. Recommended to train at this stage: Mining IV or V, Astrogeology to IV, Refining V, Refinery Efficiency III

Four. There is excellent debate spil to which Mining Barge to get very first. The Procurer is cheaper and only has 12.000 m3 ore hold. It’s single Unwrap Miner receives a premie making it mine spil quick spil a Retriever. The Retriever is more expensive and uses two Disrobe Miners. It’s ore hold starts at 22.000 m3 and increases 5% with each level of Mining Barge to a maximum of 27,500 m3. The Covetor has three Strook Miners but an ore hold of only 7.000 m3 so it needs to be used mining to jetcans for a hauler or Orca. From there, train Astrogeology to V, and then get your Mining Barge to V. Abilities required for a Retriever (Two unclothe miners): Industry V, Mining IV, Astrogeology IV, Science IV Additonal abilities required for a Covetor (Three de-robe miners): Astrogeology V, Mining Barge V

Spil you most likely know you’re serious about mining at this point (it takes at least a month to get from Retriever to Coveter, so it’s most likely not going to be trained by someone who isn’t – it might be a good idea to get Mining V at this stage

Five. Mining exhumer. Thesis Tech II ORE ships have a similar set to the Mining Barges. The Skiff has a single high slot, the Mackinaw has Two high slots and an ore hold that increases with each level of the Exhumor skill and the Hulk. Thesis ships are better versions of the barges with more Powergrid, CPU and resists permitting them to waterreservoir more lightly and larger drone bays. Extra Abilities required: Industry V, Spaceship Guideline IV

6. Orca (optional) – the Orca doesn’t actually mine. It grants a large premie to other miners ter it group and functions spil a massive industrial ship. Abilities Required: Mining Foreman V, Mining Director I, Industry V, Spaceship Instruction V

Extra abilities for advanced mining: Refining – reduces the amount of mining lost when refining ore at a station Refinery Efficiency – further reduces the amount of mining lost when refining ore at a station

NB. It is not recommended to train Refining and Refinery Efficiency to level Five each, you can get a 100% yeild (minus tax) ter empire space with Refining V, Refinery Efficiency III and the relevent skill with the Ore you’re programma to refine at level III, also.

Metalurgy – has nothing to do with mining, but is required to learn Mining Director. It also speeds up training of the aformentioned Ore-specific refining skill Mining Director – required to pilot the Orca, permits the use of modules that boost the mining rate of others Ore Specific Refining Abilities (required to use the crystals required spil ammunition ter the high end Strook Mining lasers that Mining Barges and Exhumers use – ie Veldspar Refining) *edit* metalurgy is not required for the orca and is only required for high refining abilities like arkonor etc. not veldspar.

Bookmarks Edit

But there are also other things you can do to speed up mining, maybe not the mining it self, but how you mine, Bookmarks.

Yes, bookmarks can speed up the entire mining process for you, thesis bookmarks will let you get out to mine and haul the ore quicker. Go through thesis steps for any solar system you project to mine regularly. Take a frigate tooled with an Afterburner, or even better a Microwarpdrive, and the People &, Places window open to the Places tabulator and create thesis bookmarks. It is significant to note that the bookmark is not created when you thrust the Add Bookmark button. It is actually created when you succesnummer Terugwedstrijd and the bookmark is saved to your Private Locations. It will actually say “spot te Albedo system”. You need to edit it to say something reflecting its position — “Docking Albedo II” or “Albedo VI – Two” for an asteroid vuilnisbelt.

  • A docking bookmark. This is a little counterintuitive since you already can select the station and then choose “Warp to 0” or “Dock” from the Selected Items window. But if you use the Dock button you often come out of warp up to Two,500 meters from the dock and it may take you some time approaching and getting towed into the dock. Also, targeting asteroids spil you work, you may not have the station selected but need to warp te to dock. This bookmark is another way to do that. When you undock from a station it may take a while for the Overview to voorstelling any distance. This is the docking perimeter which varies depending on station type. You want to create a bookmark whithin the docking perimeter. Manuever above, below or to one side of the station and Add a Bookmark.
  • The asteroid belts. The default warp-in points for each stortplaats are out te the center of the stortplaats some 20 km away from the rocks. Instead make one of two bookmarks.
  1. After hopping to the default warp point, fly to a spot just above the center of the vuilnisbelt and zekering your ship. Click the Add Bookmark button. Edit it to say “System I – Two” [ meaning Planet I – stortplaats Two te System ] and save it ter Private Bookmarks. From this spot you have a good view of the entire stortplaats and can see what rocks are still present and choose where to work. This bookmark means “”.
  1. Create a ‘tactical bookmark’ for the stortplaats. When you arrive at the default warp-in fly straight up or down until you are at least 150km from the original spot. Add a Bookmark (Come back). Edit this one after you have taken it. The 150km is the ondergrens distance you can warp. From this spot you can see the entire vuilnisbelt and any ships already working. You can pick a particular rock and “Warp to 0” – or to 10km.

While you work an asteroid vuilnisbelt, you may want to make improvised bookmarks to help you efficiently mine and clear a particular vuilnisbelt.

  • Individual rocks or just a spot spil areas of the stortplaats are depleted
  • Wrecks of NPC pirates to spruit
  • A hauler may want to right click a jet can or wreck and “Save Location” spil a fresh warp ter point to be closer to the miners. If the miners and hauler are ter a fleet, the hauler can also use a Fleet feature to “warp to member”.

Creating Folders te your People and Places Edit

You may want to create folders ter your people and places window to organize your bookmarks. For example, if you have a loterijlot of bookmarks for Ellmay mining fields create a folder and name it Ellmay Mining fields. Then budge your Ellmay mining bookmarks to that folder. Yes it’s a little work, but on the other forearm, it’s a few minutes work to keep your bookmarks ter order and you will be appreciative for it ter the future when you have a few hundred bookmarks and are wondering what the hell bookmark number 21 named blabla does.

Any bookmarks you save te Individual Locations will vertoning up at the bottom of the contextual spijskaart, Bookmarks you made te the Ellmay system will not display up when you are working ter Vaere. If the bookmarks are saved inwards a folder you will have to scroll down to the folder, then to the stortplaats, then choose “Warp to”.

Sharing bookmarks Edit

Ok so say you’ve made bookmarks and want to share them, so how do you do this?

It’s effortless, have your people and places window open, make sure you have clicked the Places tabulator. Find the bookmark/s you want to share and click it once to highlight it, thrust down the keyboard key shift and hold it down, left click the bookmark and hold down the mouse button. Now haul it to either your individual hangar, your cargo bay or the corps’ hangar.

Just make sure the surface you haul it to is empty, then let go. You should now see an precies same bookmark labelled the same way where you dropped it.

If you’re the one that wants to invoer a bookmark, just left click it, hold down, haul it to your individual hangar or cargo bay (you can only invoer a bookmark from one of those places). Then make sure your people and places window is open, kasstuk the tabulator places, now haul the bookmark from your cargo bay or your individual hangar to your places window. Same thing there make sure you druppel it te an empty area other wise the bookmark will not invoer.

If you’re having problems understanding the basics of making bookmarks, ask one of the more experienced members to help you with it. Because bookmarks is something almost everyone uses, and therefore something you need to learn how to both make and use.

Also reminisce, bookmarks are often something significant, made by either you or some one ter your corporation. You don’t want to share them with others, don’t have them lounging around ter a floating container te space or te your cargo bay.

Because say you’re mining ter low sec or travelling te low sec using bookmarks. Let’s say you’ve made copies for a friend but toevluchthaven’t transferred them overheen yet, or you just joined up ter the mining operation and just got the bookmarks from a friend and have them ter your cargo bay.

Then a pirate shows up, he blows up your ship and finds the bookmark ter the debris.

The pirate now has a way to onmiddellijk warp to the group who is mining if he comes back straks, or if it’s a safe spot bookmark (safe spot is a place te space where you make a bookmark so no one else can reach you) he can now then warp to that safe spot and if the others are there waiting for the pirate to leave, well you can imagine the surplus.

Don’t travel around with bookmarks ter your cargo bay, don’t have them lounging te a jettison cargo container for someone else to pick up.

Other bookmarks Edit

You may want to explore bookmarks further spil they come into play ter PvP combat and corporate wars. You will learn how to make safe catches sight of, distant safe catches sight of, insta-undocks and gate ovservation catches sight of among others.

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