Ubiq UBQ – POW Dagger Hashimoto Cryptocurrency

Ubiq is fair launch crypto currency with no premine or ICO, traded on Bittrex and Cryptopia with 8 UBQ prizes vanaf mined block, decreasing by 1 yearly until 1 UBQ vanaf block.

Built upon a modified Ethereum codebase, UBQ is a blockchain podium which permits the creation and implementation of decentralized applications and wise contracts with overeenstemming level switches te the form of fresh code. With its Monetary Policy, block prizes will commence out at 8 and decrease by 1 yearly until it reaches a ondergrens of 1 UBQ vanaf block.

Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto

Block Prize: 8 decreasing by 1 every year until 1 UBQ / block

Block Target: 88 seconds

HTTP RPC server port: 8588

Websocket RPC server port: 8589

Network listening port: 30388

Chain ID: 8 (EIP 155 Replay Attack Protection compliant)

Diminished prizes for included Uncle blocks

Forked from the latest Geth 1.Five containing all the latest EIPs

Eliminated code references to the DAO fork

Committed to providing the most stable, supple and bug-free toneelpodium available for the development of enterprise applications includes the following developers:

Julian Yap – @jyap

Luke Williams – @iquidus

Kris Hansen – @CoreRenewal

Alex Sterk – @block_talk

Monetary Policy: block prizes will commence out at 8 and decrease by 1 yearly until it reaches a ondergrens of 1 UBQ vanaf block.

Te Ubiq wij dreamed to program ter the option of staying with Proof of Work indefinitely should it prove to be viable long term. There are many aspects wij will consider ter terms of viability such spil overall health of the Proof of Work network, and coin distribution, but ultimately wij foresee a future where Ubiq may run spil a Proof of Work network forever.

Genoil – Ethminer – Claymore – PhoenixMiner

The longer block times of Ubiq means the DAG size growth will be much slower, permitting graphics cards with 2GB RAM to mine for overheen 6 years.

Ubiq Pool.io – http://ubiqpool.io

Ubiq Pool Sexy – http://ubq.pool.sexy

Clona Network – http://clona.ru:3015

Ubiq Pool.com – http://ubiqpool.com

ZET Technologies – https://ubq.zet-tech.eu

Kwikzilver Pool – https://ubq.kwikpool.party

Cryptopia – BTC Market – https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=UBQ_BTC

Cryptopia – LTC Market – https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=UBQ_LTC

Cryptopia – DOGE Market – https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=UBQ_DOGE

Ubiq is available on whattomine and spil of today you can make $9.60 with 100 MH/s. Ter ATH the coin is able to reach +5X value making it a profitable coin to mine, trade and hodl.

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