Charlie Lee Confirms Litecoin is – Boring – but People Should Have Patience

Litecoin has seen a good embark to the year 2018. After almost two years of falling prices, things eventually picked up again. It is good to see the silver to Bitcoin’s gold get positive attention. So far, the LTC price has risen a bit since January of this year. However, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee acknowledges his currency is boring right now. That doesn’t mean it won’t succeed, tho’, but it will take some time to make things toebijten.

It doesn’t toebijten all that often cryptocurrency developers acknowledge their project is boring. Then again, Charlie Lee is one of the more fair developers wij have seen te some time. He never shies away from engaging te LTC discussions with the public. Te one of his latest tweets, Lee mentioned how LTC will leisurely but surely mourn. People need to have patience before good things can toebijten. It’s not like Litecoin has seen no developments lately by any means.

Charlie Lee Acknowledges LTC needs Time to klapper its Stride

More specifically, Litecoin activated Segregated Witness well before Bitcoin did. That ter itself is fairly a significant victory, ter a way. Moreover, it also paves the way for the Litening Network. It is the same spil the Lightning Network concept but suited for Litecoin instead of Bitcoin. Enabling real-time transactions at low to no fees will make LTC a very competitive currency, to say the least. Bitcoin has eventually locked ter SegWit activation spil well, thus the wedloop is on, so to speak. Wij’d rather see decent solutions rather than cobbled together projects which only work half of the time, however.

Litecoin is boring and will leisurely but surely moon. Have patience.

Additionally, Litecoin is involved ter atomic exchange projects. It seems a lotsbestemming of other coins want to permit instant trades inbetween their currency and LTC. Cross-chain atomic interchanges may eventually eliminate the need for exchange platforms altogether. Thesis ideas are still ter the proof of concept stage, but hold a lotsbestemming of merits. Wij may even see such technology ter Bitcoin straks on, but it seems Litecoin will proefneming with it very first. Developing atomic exchanges takes a loterijlot of time and effort, tho’. Once again, patience is a virtue ter this regard. Thesis are just a few examples of what LTC users can look forward to right now.

It is overduidelijk there will be numerous successful cryptocurrencies te the long run. Albeit Litecoin may not dethrone Bitcoin by any means, it can still be a top cryptocurrency. It is already, considering Litecoin is the fourth-largest currency by market cap. Only time will tell how this situation evolves, tho’. Anyone holding LTC has no reason to despair just yet. Everything is fine the way it is and significant developments are te the works. The future is looking pretty interesting for LTC, to say the least. Charlie Lee knows thesis things take the time to come to fruition.

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