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I couldn’t fix a bug, and then my rekentuig got violated and I lost everything of this mod. I lost my patience and then I got away from modding for a few months. I’m preparing to create the 2nd version of this mod. Thanks for your support, stay tuned for version Two.0 of Cosmos Craft. 🙂

Hiiiiiii Everyone. Im back with another cool mod!

And after the non-success mod JSMB (Just Some more bricks), I’ve made Cosmos Craft (that most likely will be a success =P)! Now you can explore different planets!

Please use Not Enough Items for the recipes, because they’re too much to waterput here. Thank you!

And recall, mods are made to be played, so download and play! And don’t leave behind to comment, any suggestion or terugkoppeling is welcome! Just don’t leave behind that the mod is on BETA, so report ANY kleuter of bugs. Thanks again!

To travel to the planets, you need to make the portals and the igniter. Each portal have it own igniter, so don’t leave behind to check the recipes on NEI

All the portals: // (note: on this picture, ceres portal wasgoed made using coal ore. Spil of Beta 1.1, is made of coal blocks)

Dimension list (material of the portal):

Zon (Gold Block), Mercury (Metal block), Moon (stone), Toer (Metal Infused stone), Ceres (Coal block), Jupiter (Bricks), Europa moon (Packed Ice), Saturn (Hardened clay), Uranus (Ice), Neptune (Lapis Block), Pluto (Stone brick), Sedna (Soul Sand)

NOTE: Venus dimension is very laggy (a bug, very likely). Plz reminisce that the mod is on Beta, so it’s normal to have bugs.

Moon is the natural satelite of the Earth. Portal to the Moon is made with stone. Moon Creepers and Moon Cows spawns here. Moon Cows drops Moon Beef that can be cooked. Moon Creepers only druppel Gunpowder. Revive the Neil Armstrong ogenblik and be the very first minecrafter landing on the moon!

Zon It’s our strak. Blazes and Zombie Pigman spawns here. Portal is made with gold blocks (Very expensive . ). You can waterput Four zon rocks on the craft grid to make a gold nugget. Witness out with the lava!

Mercury is a planet with lots of metal. Metal everywhere. That’s why the portal is made with Metal blocks. You can also smelt the mercury rock to get metal dust. But observe out with the mercury zombies, they will not leave you take their metal!! muahahahahahaha.

Toer. The Crimson planet. To get there, you need to make a portal out of Metal Infused Rocks (Check recipe on NEI). This planet is famous because of his crimson color, provenient from the ferric oxides of the rocks. You can smelt tocht rock to get Metal dust. Tocht its also famous for the myths about life on the planet. And those myths are true, at least on Cosmos Craft. Tocht is habitated by Tocht Chickens and Creepers. Creepers druppel gunpowder, while chickens druppel Chickens meat that can be cooked. Very uncommonly, chickens druppel Metal Feathers, that can be used spil ammo to the Metal Bow (a very powerful gun).

Ceres wasgoed the very first asteroid discovered. Straks it wasgoed classified spil a dwarf planet. On this mod, its a land with lots of coal. Ceres silverfishes spawns here, and they druppel coal.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Those are the Giant gas planets. On the real life, thesis planets have no solid surface. But on Cosmos Craft, they have (imagination has no limit :P). They don’t have nothing special YET (they will have on the next updates).

Uranus (no it isn’t made out of diamond blocks, it’s just uranus rock):

Europa is one of the most nosey moons on the solar system. It’s a moon from Jupiter, and it hides a big myth. Cientists say that behind all the ice of the surface, it can be a liquid ocean, maybe with life. Humans are also programma to make expeditions to this planet. Want to be the very first one arriving to this planet? (NOTE: It presently have nothing special. I will have LOTS of stuff on the next updates)

Pluto is the most known dwarf planet. Discovered te 1930, it wasgoed classified spil a planet during 76 years, until 2006. Now it’s angry and want to recover it’s place next to the other planets. See out with the danger on this planet! (NOTE: presently don’t have nothing special. It will have on an update).

Sedna is a recently discovered planet. It’s very far from the zon. Nobody knows how it is, so te Cosmos Craft it’s a completly fresh amazing planet with awesome landscapes. Presently it doesn’t has mobs (But they will be added soon)

Fresh crafting recipes for the portal igniters (check them using NEI)

– Immovable the bug of Ceres generating an empty world.

– Very first release. Yay!

– Ceres Silverfish has no AI

Zombie pigmans spawns off the portals (This is a MCreator bug, not a bug from my mod)

– Villages on (almost) all planets

– Better texture for the portals

– More mobs on the planets

– Holy planet, Creeper planet and Candy planet.

– (?) Switch the portal system to a machine that teleports you to the dimension (?)

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