Do you have a laptop problem and are looking for a UAE Technician Rekentuig repair company to solve your problem like Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement?

Your machine has one of the following faults and you want a UAE Technician Laptop repair:

  • A blue screen with a series of cipher type: 0x00 …?
  • Your pc beeps once or more at startup?
  • The screen does not turn on anymore?
  • An update wasgoed not done correctly and Windows does not want to commence anymore?
  • At startup, your rekentuig mentions that there is no operating system?
  • Your pc is permanently restarting?
  • Pub windows and others open unexpectedly at the commence of the Internet?
  • Your laptop is slow at startup or when running programs?
  • Programs lodge without your agreement or you are victims of rekentuig viruses?
  • Your printer installation is not done or you cannot do it?
  • Your rekentuig does not turn on anymore and you have significant gegevens that you want to recover?

If you encounter any of thesis or any other problems, UAE Technician can offerande you an appointment for a Dubai Laptop Repairing at your huis promptly or te our workshops.

Our company helps you on webpagina / at huis during the day or if the repair cannot be done on webpagina, wij take charge of your machine and terugwedstrijd it at no reserve cost.

Whether you are a professional (business, industry, independent …) or an individual, you can voeling us @ 0557503724 anytime anywhere ter Dubai for any request for Rekentuig repairing ter Dubai, a Pc technician will intervene at you or at your place of work.

Installation and Repairing of any brand: Laptop PC, Desktop PC, Mini PC, Ultra Portable, NAS, Server … Wij can supervise your IT infrastructure, you also suggest an annualized maintenance contract, manage your network, recover your lost gegevens, secure your infrastructure.

Wij adapt a solution according to your real needs.

Our company intervenes on various points:

Laptop &, laptop repair any brand Asus, HP, Compaq, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, Packard Bell etc … whether on software or hardware problems

IT Maintenance: Wij adapt to current and future IT events and risks to anticipate risks.

Installation of accomplish pc parks or ordinary station (cabling, server, PC and laptop, printing solution, deployment …)

Server creation and finish configuration (backup, calendar, voeling, email, sharing, storage, user management …)

For your security UAE Technician cleans your rekentuig of any software and malicious virus during our Laptop repair services.

UAE Technician is able to suggest you safe and secure rekentuig security software for Windows, the best security software for 2018.

UAE Technician also benefits from a partnership with the leader ter laptop repair Asus, so wij opoffering products for professionals and individuals at the best price and quality.

UAE Technician also offers outsourcing services for your SME, PMI, TPE, artisan, independent … Wij also advise on the purchase and management of a rekentuig park tailored to your business and your needs. Wij also suggest webpagina creation or domain name registration spil well spil various computers backup solutions to avoid any risk of gegevens loss due to hacking or simply a hard drive that no longer works.

Voeling us at 0557503724 for any custom-built Lenovo laptop keyboard replacement request ter Dubai. Wij help people and businesses ter Dubai.

Laptop Repair services: Acer Service center Dubai

Laptop Repair Services by UAE Technician Acer Service center Dubai

  • Repair Motherboards Laptops and Desktops.
  • Replacement of Laptop and Table Computers Base Plate.
  • Rebelling graphic card and Replacement Graphics Chip.
  • Internal Cleaning Computers: Cooling System, Cleaning Fan, …
  • Switch Power Connector (Jack Substitution).
  • Substitute Hard Disk, or repair Sectors and bruised tracks.
  • Replacement Laptop Screen (All measurements and all models).
  • Replacement and repair of Inverter.
  • Reinstallation of Operating System and installation of Drivers and Updates.
  • Replacement Laptop keyboard and RAM increase.
  • Elimination of viruses and internal noise.
  • Gegevens Recovery Service.

The Acer Service Center of UAE Technician, offers a customized service to solve the most requiring problems of your computers, laptops, PCs, notebooks, etc…

Wij have extensive practice ter repairing all models of any Acer family of equipment : Aspire, Aspire One, eMachines, Extensa, Ferrari, Travelmate, etc …

Te our Technical Service wij have facilities with our own electronic laboratory, technologically tooled to perform the repair of your machines te a brief time. Ter addition, the voortdurend stock of parts *, from our warehouse, permits us to quickly attend to the repairs of your devices.

  • Quick and Free Collection Service via UAE. *
  • Telephone support without boundaries. Wij solve your doubts.
  • Very agile response times.
  • Warranty on all repairs.
  • Budget without commitment.
  • All Original Spare Parts te our interventions.

*Free collection ter repairs. Ter the lower case consultatie cost vanaf tour.

*The voortdurend stock of lumps refers to spare parts common to all pc models.

*For specific refills of a particular proefje, UAE Technician has a large stock but not total.

*Raadpleging specific term.

THE Pc SCREEN DOES NOT TURNS ON: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

Let’s talk about problems with Samsung laptop screen. Wij have already dealt with the case of desktop &, laptop monitors (outward monitors) that do not light up te a previous postbode on our blog. Today, however, wij see the specific case of laptop screens that do not light up or do not work decently . UAE Technician are providing best Samsung laptop screen replacement and reapir ter Dubai by our practice and skilled technician team.

Sensitized situation: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

Wij are warning you, but the situation is fairly problematic: unlike a immovable rekentuig &, laptop, where it’s just enough to switch the monitor, the breakup of the laptop’s screen (screen) could make its “death” (more for reasons of affordability…)! Yes, the risk is that your notebook will turn into WEEE (ie Electronic and Electronic Equipment Deny ) and ter this case the natural destination would be, spil well spil the landfill (ter Dubai, where our Laptop Assistance Center is located, UAE Technician: here you find all the details for the collection of electronic waste ).

Why does my laptop monitor not turn on?

Very first of all, wij voorwaarde identify the malfunctioning part. To help you, wij see what are the components of a Samsung laptop screen !

LCD panel : The LCD panel is the actual screen (where the pictures are displayed) and is connected to the surplus of the components via a cable (specifically, the LCD cable)

Inverter : It is a petite card, connected to the LCD and usually located near the monitor itself, which retro-feeds the panel.

Warning! Ter the LED screens, which have no backlight, the inverter is not present

Graphics Card: te brief, it is the hardware component that deals with the transformation of electrical signals sent by the processor into movie output

Motherboard : if you have any problem with motherboard than your pc &, laptop will not be turn on.

Symptoms: What Is Your Pc?

Now that wij have seen all the elements necessary for the operation of the monitor, wij just have to understand which lump is to be substituted. How to do? Wij have drawn up a petite round of symptoms , related to possible disturbances.

Crutches on the screen or black catches sight of

If your PC has crashed or has bot succesnummer, your monitor may have cracks or be black te certain areas, just spil if it had fallen into the ink. Do you notice when the cellphone screen is ruined? Here, the effect is the same.

Ter this case, the PC screen does not light up because of the panel.

Low brightness or intermittent brightness

The Samsung laptop screen is not bright or entirely “dark”, or the brightness goes and comes intermittently, the pictures on the monitor can only be seen by pointing a light te the direction of the screen.

Te this case, the problem lies te the LCD panel or the LCD cable

The screen has no brightness or can not stay on

After a few minutes the PC has turned on, the screen shuts off.

You can see the pics by pointing a light ter the direction of the screen, but it is totally free of brightness.

The replacement part is the inverter.

The screen of a notebook may have several image-level problems:

  • Rows and streaks that travel across the picture vertically or horizontally
  • Ter an area of ??the screen, the pic is not visible
  • RGB Color Balance (the picture on the screen shows an imbalance inbetween crimson, green and blue)
  • The screen is lit with white but you can not see the pic on the screen
  • The pics on the monitor are flickering and they go and go on

If your Samsung laptop screen problem is te this case, the cause is to be found ter the LCD panel, or on the motherboard or graphics card.

What to do?: Samsung laptop screen replacement and repair

If it’s the panel wij can unmount it, read the proefje number and buy it again (wij might recommend checking on online stores, spil long spil it’s still te circulation!).

If to create problems is the inverter , wij have to substitute it (or, if you are an electronics wizard, repair it …).

If it is the motherboard or graphics card … bad news! If they are not ter warranty, unless your notebook is truly good, it’s okay to sell it and buy it again.

It is utterly significant to correctly diagnose the problem , otherwise wij run the risk of substituting a component that might not have bot crashing, knocking out money and staying with the screen unworkable!

For this reason, when it comes to laptops and not fixed-screen displays (where, basically, it’s enough to switch the monitor and check if the fresh one is working decently) it’s always better to rely on professionals .

For any information, voeling UAE Technician! Reminisce: Diagnosis is always free !

Laptop Screen Repair: Acer laptop Screen replacement and repair

Te UAE Technician workshop wij carry out repairs and replacements of branded LCD / LED notebook monitors (Acer, Apple MacBook, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba) with original spare parts. Wij are providing Best Acer laptop screen replacement &, repair services te Dubai by our special and skilled technician team.

Wij provide Replacement Repair Screen of All Notebook Monitors with Original Spare Parts Acer, Apple MacBook, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba.

Here is a list of the main violates / malfunctions: Acer laptop Screen replacement &, repair

LCD DISPLAY MONITOR Violated or Bruised

If the screen has cracks and the pictures emerge partial or “ink spot” effect means the problem lies ter the LCD display and not te the protective glass

Screens te this situation of harm are not repaired and vereiste be substituted.

LCD SCREEN MONITOR with symmetrical lines

If the screen is ter this situation you voorwaarde very first check that the problem is not due to the movie card (if you can connect an outer monitor and check the goodness of the operation), otherwise you should repair the movie card or substitute it if possible


If the pic on your monitor is lightweight but it is too dark and the brightness adjustment does not help it means you have a problem with the backlight. Ter thesis cases, the inverter is malfunctioning and needs substituting: the intervention wij carry out at our laboratory.

The hinge on a laptop carries the function of opening and closing the notebook monitor, permitting you to maintain the movie connection plane.

Ter the event of harm, the monitor would have difficulties te closing / opening, leading ter some cases to the leakage of the LCD panel from the guide and further hurting the outer plastics. Thesis situations lead to a pauze te the monitor plane and the probable cracking of the monitor itself. Te thesis cases wij can repair your notebook te about 4-5 days.

Gegevens recovery services: Hard Drive Gegevens Recovery Dubai, UAE

It may toebijten to everyone to erase a opstopping by mistake or to reminisce not to save significant gegevens only after formatting the PC. Fortunately, however, there are applications that permit you to limit harm and recover files that have not bot overwritten on the Hard Drive Gegevens Recovery. Do you know what the most beautiful thing is? They are free.

Let’s do one thing: only call us on our help number of Hard Drive Gegevens Recovery Services

Let’s do one thing: take a few minutes of free time and attempt to go after the directions I’m going to give you. Or rather, attempt downloading one of the hard disk gegevens recovery programs below and test the capabilities on your pc right away. You will not regret!

The very first hard disk gegevens recovery solution I recommend you attempt is Recuva , a entirely free application that lets you recover photos, documents, movies, and many other types of files accidentally deleted or lost due to crashes, viruses and other laptop problems.

To download Recuva on your PC, listig to the program’s webstek and click on the listig under the Recuva Free listig . When the download is accomplish, double-click the downloaded verkeersopstopping (eg rcsetup148.exe) and, te the window that opens, click on Yes and then on Next (after selecting the Italian from the selection menukaart of the language). Next, click Next, Install, and Finish to accomplish the installation process and commence Recuva.

Te the window that opens, click the Next button and place the check next to the opstopping type you want to retrieve: Check All Files to see the utter list of recoverable files on the hard disk and do click Next to go to the next step. At this point, select the entry te a specific location from the screen that opens and sets the C: drive (or the disk letterteken from which you want to retrieve the files) te the field below.

Now, click next, and then click Begin, wait for the list of recoverable files to show up and place the check next to those you want to restore. The files that can be recovered without problems are those marked by the green lightbulb, the others are partially bruised (those with yellow lightbulbs) or almost irrecoverable (those with crimson lightbulbs). Ultimately, click Retrieve, select the folder to save it and the spel is done.

Another superb solution for Hard Drive Gegevens Recovery Services on Windows is Wise Gegevens Recovery, which permits you to restore gegevens not only from the local disk, but also from memory cards, USB flash drives, multimedia players and other drives. To download the program on your pc, connect it to its official webpagina and click on the Download Now button and then on the Meteen download verbinding (ter the left sidebar).

When the download is accomplish, double-click the downloaded verkeersopstopping ( WDRSetup.exe ) and, ter the window that opens, click Yes and then Next . You then agree to the terms of use of the program by ticking next to I accept the agreement , and then click Next on Next for four consecutive times and then on Install and Finish to finish the setup.

Now, embark Hard Drive Gegevens Recovery Services, select the Local Disk from the drop-down menukaart at the top left and click the Scan button to commence scanning the drive. At the end of the proces, place the check next to the files you want to retrieve and click the Recover button to choose the folder where you want to copy. Also ter this software, the files are marked by a diversity of indicators: the green bullet indicates the gegevens that can be recovered slickly, the yellow recoverable but most likely corrupted files while the crimson bullet reports the files that cannot be retrieved (if not ter ondergrens part).

Use a Mac? No problem, even for OS X, there are free hard disk gegevens recovery solutions and utterly effortless to use. One of the most valid is Lazesoft Mac Gegevens Recovery, which you can download by connecting to our official webstek and clicking on Free Download Now! After downloading, double-click the downloaded verkeersopstopping ( lazesoftmacdatarecovery.dmg ) and haul the Lazesoft Mac Gegevens Recovery icon to the OS X Applications folder to install the software on the Mac.

When ended, begin Lazesoft Mac Gegevens Recovery, type your user account password on OS X and click the OK button. Te the window that opens, very first select Opstopping recovery and then the hard disk from which you want to recover the deleted files (eg Macintosh HD). Next, click Finish and wait for the selected unit to be checked.

At the end of the scan, expand the Lost Verkeersopstopping Results folder (located ter the left sidebar) and select the type of files you want to restore (eg docx for Word documents, jpg for photos, etc.). Waterput the check mark next to the verkeersopstopping names you want to restore and click on the Save Files button to choose the folder where you want to copy the selected items. For more information on program operation, also see my guide on how to retrieve deleted Mac files.

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