World’s Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet Armory Is Now Available Te Official Debian Repository

One of the few wallet suggesting advanced security features has made its official appearance into the official “unstable” repository of the popular Linux distribution Debian.

What is Armory?

Very first, let’s quote the superb introduction wrote by Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin when he reviewed the wallet two years ago:

“Armory is the most advanced and secure Bitcoin client available and has bot developed by Alan Reiner who is one of the world’s premier experts te Bitcoin security. If your use case requires securely storing large value te bitcoins, then Armory is the only practical choice. Armory offers a range of features even larger than either Blockchain.informatie or the Satoshi Bitcoin client.”

Armory, whose security has bot permanently enhancing everzwijn since, is a top-ranker among the beloved storage methods for the largest Bitcoin holders – the so-called whales – because of its extensive offline wallet management capabilities. Spil the Bitcoin new-comers are often told, nothing is safer than offline storage for your hard earned bitcoins!

Indeed, you can sign your transactions while being totally disconnected from the Internet using Armory on an offline pc, and then broadcast it to the network by connecting an USB key that contains the signed transaction’s details to an online pc running Armory. Even a cheap netbook such spil an Eeepc would be powerful enough to store your offline wallet and sign your transactions.

Armory recently implemented another Bitcoin security milestone: the multi-signature system. Even however it’s ordinary and intuitive, the feature is undoubtedly effective. The idea is that for a specific purse, several authorizations from authorized spenders, previously defined by the wallet’s possessor, are required te order to be accepted.

According to Armory official description:

“Users can now create, fund and spend from any M-of-N combination of devices or parties without any centralized servers or third parties, where M is the number of signatures required for the Bitcoin network to permit movement of any lockbox funds and N is the number of parties or devices that will have signing authority of the Lockbox.

For example, a houtvezelplaat of five directors of a company, may store the company funds te a 3-of-5 lockbox, thus requiring a majority of the directors to agree for any money to be moved (and money still accessible even if two keys are lost).

The M- and N-values can be chosen for each application to match your desired security and redundancy.”

Persistence always wins

A Bitcointalk user submitted the idea , on January 24, 2014, to suggest this valuable security directly ter the Debian repositories, which permit effortless downloading and updating with apt-get install and upgrade. The packages ter the official repositories also benefit from greater visibility and thus better support made ​​possible by extra contributions.

The idea, associated with a bounty – a Bitcoin prize tied to a specific aim – wasgoed then accepted by Joseph Bisch, a Debian maintainer responsible for the quality monitoring and relevant packages obedience regarding an open source operating system.

Joseph Bisch said ter a Bitcointalks forum postbode:

“Armory is now te Debian Sid. If nothing goes wrong, Armory will be te testing (Jessie) around November Four, which is te time for the November Five freeze. That means that Armory will be te Jessie when it becomes the fresh stable release.”

Therefore, the next Debian version may include the long-awaited Armory client ter its stable source list. The most impatient of our readers running Debian can use unstable source with the proces described here.

Non Debian users, or Debian users who just want to install the deb package, can download the Armory wallet for Windows (.exe) , Mac (.dmg) and Linux (.deb) on the official webstek.

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Pictures from Armory and Shutterstock.

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